Life with Dana, January 2000

Life with Dana back at home started easy.  After our travels and adventures finding food and sleep, being in our home and in control of our lives was luxury at its finest.  Never more have we appreciated the ability to shop for food and sleep in our own bed.  And being able to put Dana to sleep in her own crib in her nice quiet room where we could control the heat seemed all we could ask for.

Dana continued to surprise us with her natural cheerful attitude.  What, fly half around the globe to a new continent, new country, new home, new bed, and new parents - no problem!  Dana woke up happy her first morning here, and has stayed that way.  She has been eager to look and learn, observing everything she can.  I can almost see her brain absorbing all around her like a sponge.

And what a comedian!  Dana has a style which has us doubled up in laugher.  Where she came up with this posture, I couldn't say - but it is no accident.  We started Dana's training on being an American with Cheerios.  She has mastered the two-finger grasp, and shovels down these wonderous O's two-handed.  But, she's willing to pause for a photo-op.  (Ok, we switched to fruit-juice sweetened Barbara's O's...)

We have been wonderously surprised by Dana's abilities all around.  She is just itching to walk.  She stands up holding on to everything she can find, and "cruises" all around.  She's loving this "walker" from Aunt Carole and makes us help her with all day long.  (Ok, so she's good at walking, but she can't steer and gets stuck in corners.)

Dana said her first word on Friday, Jan 28th - "pop".  I always say "pop" when I take out her pacifier.  I was changing her diaper in the evening, and she looked up at me, pulled out her pacifier, smiled and clearly and distinctly said "pop".  Now, she practices saying it all the time.  At least we didn't have to fight over her saying dad before mom!

Dana has a wonderful wardrobe and chestful of toys thanks to all of our wonderful friends and relatives who have reached out to Dana in her new time at home.  We thank everyone for Dana for their wonderful generosity.

We had an unusual, but beautiful snow storm and quickly took advantage of it.  Even though Dana grew up in a very cold place, she was never taken outside to see it.  So, we took her out to go sledding and for a walk.  She's in a baby backpack, and loved it.  Well, I like to think she did - actually, she didn't make a peep.  I have no idea what she thought of it - I couldn't see her!  But I had a great time.

And of course, we have lots of time at home for everyday life.  Dana's helping me do laundry (with a purple elephant in her mouth).  We've had a wonderful 6 weeks at home without going to work (yes, we have done some work at home, but not too much.)  Alas, we start teaching with the beginning of February and our lives will again become complicated.

Mommy and Dana already love each other dearly.

(Photos taken with a digital Kodak DC-280 camera, shrunk, and compressed.)

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All text and photos Copyright (c) 2000 Ben Bederson